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American Exchange Organization (AmerEx) is a U.S. State Department designated sponsor that conducts a variety of incoming programs to the U.S. We pride ourselves on a very hands-on approach to every relationship with Agents and employers. We select and offer a wide variety of jobs across the U.S. from reliable employers and support our Participants throughout the program.

Through hands on management and assistance throughout the process, AmerEx is able to maintain a large network of employers familiar with exchange programs. An extensive selection process allows AmerEx to hand pick dynamic employers able to provide suitable placements for international Participants.

As an Agent, you will find that working with AmerEx is not only an effective way to connect your Participants to first-rate programs, but also gives you access to the many benefits we offer to create an enhanced business experience for you, our representative:


  • Interactive management of each Participant/US Employer relationship

  • Multilingual staff to provide information and assistance throughout the program

  • Large network of pre-approved U.S. employers

  • Housing assistance available

  • Medical & travel insurance

  • User-friendly Participant management through AXIS (American eXchange Information System): Our online Information System offers an easy to use and efficient way for you to access and manage your Participants. It also provides real-time status monitoring capabilities through a direct connection with the US Government through their "Student and Exchange Visitor Information System" (SEVIS).

  • Preparation and processing of Participant's Tax Return

Our formula for relationship building and commitment to providing each Participant with an exceptional experience has made AmerEx a worldwide choice in J-1 placement. Contact us today to learn more about becoming an AmerEx representative in your country.

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