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A U.S. Department of State Designated Sponsor, American Exchange Organization facilitates work and travel of international workers to the U.S. With representatives in over 20 countries on all continents, AmerEx has been sponsoring international workers from all over the world to work in a wide variety of industries and jobs for nearly a decade.

As an Employer, there are many advantages to working with our programs. We take the responsibility of providing you with dedicated, quality workers while eliminating the burdensome process of staffing. Some of the benefits of our programs include:


  • Screening, interviewing and evaluation

  • English language testing

  • Skill evaluation and cooperative training

  • Comprehensive criminal & background checks

  • Tax benefits on certain programs

  • Complete Visa and document processing

  • Medical and travel insurance for all Participants

  • Support throughout the entire process

  • Dedicated and experienced staff to cater to your needs

  • Multilingual staff (both AmerEx and our Participants)

  • Enriching your work environment through cultural diversity

Contact us today and see why hundreds of US companies choose American Exchange Organization every year to fulfill their temporary staffing needs.Want to know more? Click on a program to the left for more information or contact us at 1-888-565-5650.

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